Youth Programs

If your school is interested in partnering with Rescue Canada to deliver our Youth Programs, please contact Michael Stegemann at [email protected]

As we all know being adventurous in the outdoors leads to risk and we need to ensure that our youth have the understanding to make good decisions. Rescue Canada has developed specific youth safety program to give them the tools they need to develop.

The courses are not only designed to put a little fun into learning but also allowing the student to gain some practical experience to make a safe decision on when to play, and how to play safely in the environments. The training is also a stepping stone for those that want to pursue further education in tourism, adventure sports, and outdoor ed.

Rescue Canada has specific courses in water safety and winter safety and we continue to develop new curriculum as well as work with school group to provide these course for their classes.

Programs Offered:

Youth Riverwise Program Rescue Canada

River Wise Youth Programs

Rescue Canada’s River Wise Safety Program is a community based series of safety awareness and training certification courses. They are intended for the general public and focus on the inherent dangers of swimming, boating, playing and working in or near the moving water environment.

The programs specifically address an increasing numbers of losses of life due to drowning. It is Rescue Canada’s belief that these losses of life can be mitigated to a certain extent by providing simplified, accessible and understandable courses for kids, youth and adults playing in and around rivers.

Basic skills taught in professional courses have been adapted to a simple river safety awareness and self rescue course for children and young adults in an effort to provide a safe and enjoyable river experience.

Courses are specially designed for children, youth and families. It teaches youth and families how to be safe around the river and enjoy the river for all types of activities.

River Wise Safety Program Training Objectives:
What to Bring:
What we Provide:
  • River Wise
    River Wise $295

    River Wise is the final level in the program and is designed for ages 17 and older.

    This course will provide participants with basic skills and knowledge:

    • to recognize and avoid danger.
    • to recognize safe places to operate or play in the river.
    • to be able to self rescue.
    • to be able to rescue those in need.
    This course also introduces participants in group planning