Medical Courses

For workers in remote, wilderness and rescue-type environments – Search and Rescue, adventure guides, resource management, environmental consultants, etc.

Medical / First Aid Training

In this program you’ll learn basic first aid with basic human anatomy and how the body works.

You’ll also learn the patient assessment model, about wilderness medical equipment, and how to identify the most common wilderness emergencies and how to stabilize.

We offer courses for remote, wilderness and rescue type environments and the course is geared for those that work in those areas. Search and Rescue, Remote occupations such as adventure guides, resource management, environment consultants, and more.

Certification can be obtained through Red Cross, WMA, and SARMED.

Medical First Aid Safety Rescue Training Canada

This program is offered on a contract basis and is customized for each student.

If you are looking for courses and certification in this area, get in touch and we can build a program to suit your needs.

We can provide courses in:

First Aid Medical Training Rescue Canada Wilderness

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