In-House Instructors

Rescue Canada In-House Instructorship Program

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The Rescue Canada ‘In-house Instructorship’ is a training program designed for high quality candidates in regards to learning opportunities developed by Rescue Canada for internal public safety agency personnel training compliance.

There is an application for instructorship, applicants must successfully complete all phases of the vetting process to be able to participate.

Once the instructor candidate successfully completes all phases of instruction their instructorship license permits them to teach a Rescue Canada Stage 1 to Stage 3 training program.

The qualified instructor shall be able to provide their area of expertise course training standards and practices for the public safety agency they work or are assigned to; for and in which they will be used for the purpose of their qualification tenure.

Our courses are considered to be current, standardized and the focus is on health and safety.

Rescue Canada created international and national standards that thousands of participants incorporate into their practices. We adhere to the highest level of training and instructional standards and possess subject matter expertise for successful learning and teaching experiences.

Some of the benefits of in-house training are:

  1. Personnel and public safety increase in operations, liability reduction for injuries/accidents
  2. Equipment maintenance and underway safety for boating
  3. Learn new leadership skills
  4. Better response to serve the public need
  5. Extensive savings on travel, lodging, meals, and other miscellaneous costs for external team qualification needs
  6. Customization to the specific needs of the organization
  7. Opportunity for follow-up after training for conformity and compliance of standards and safety alerts during instructorship

Public Notice

Currently referred to as ‘Agents’ as of 4.25.2021.  The Agency program is being migrated to a new company policy and standards compliance requirement and name change. this program will officially refer to ‘Agent’ as ‘In-House Instructor’ after December 31, 2021 when new contract agreements are issued. Current 2021 Agency contracts are not impacted by this notice; all current contract obligations prior to their assigned expiration date will be grandfathered into the new program.

Posted: April 25, 2021

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