2021 Instructor Updates Coming Soon!

The level III-V qualified instructor shall be a competent person knowledgeable in the area of training they are providing on behalf of the company and its student cadre.

  1. Jim Lavalley-Program Adviser
  2. Michael Stegemann – Canada Operations Director
  3. Bruce Rieger – Canadian National Regional Manager
  4. Chris Armstrong
  5. Mat Cuccaro
  6. Larry Obst
  7. Joe Storms
  8. Gordon Bunston
  9. Jamie Turko
  10. Lauren Phillips
  11. John-Paul Kors
  12. Kevin Daffe
  13. Matt Kasunich
  14. Sonny Leveillee
  15. James Rodger
  16. Kesley McDaniel
  17. Logie McLagan
  18. Matt Kanusich
  19. Sony Leveillee
  20. James Rodger
  21. Jonah Shaw


Instructorship cannot exceed one level per calendar year and must fulfill the mandatory required expertise hours and pre-requisites as a minimum requirement. The qualified and competent instructor has the primary responsibility for assessing the performance of students in the assigned instructorship course content areas of instruction.

Rescue Canada is currently updating its instructorship program. 2021 current course trainers are listed. In-House agency instructors many not be listed due to privacy issues.

Please note there may be trainer omissions on this list but new updates coming soon. Stay tuned!

Posted: 4.25.2021

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