SMC ‘Summit Snow Saw’

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Product Overview

The lightest weight Snow Saw on the market the Summit Snow Saw is manufactured from aircraft grade 7075 aluminum, used for its strength, edge retention, durability and resistance to corrosion.  Now Featuring a new 7 mil Polyester Sheath designed to protect your gear when not in use and weighs less than 20 grams keeping with the light weight design of the Summit Snow Saw.  The ergonomic handle is comfortable and less fatiguing than most other pistol-grip style snow saws. SMC’s aggressive Stagger Tooth style off-set saw teeth are hand-tuned for optimal efficiency and have been field proven to be more effective in cutting and clearing snow or ice. Unlike most other saws the Summit Snow Saw is designed to cut on the ”thrust stroke” rather than the ”draw stroke” thus making it an even more effective saw. Anodized blue blade more effectively releases snow than non-anodized snow saws and is easier to see when dropped in the snow.

  • Mountaineering
  • Alpine Skiing
  • Ski Patrol
  • Backcountry Travel
  • Avalanche Safety
  • Model #: 138000
  • Dimensions: 20.75″ x 1.75″
  • Weight: 4 oz. (113g)
  • Material: 7075 Aluminum
  • Color/Finish: Cool Blue Anodized
  • 7 Mil Polyester Sheath
  • Made In USA
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