North Water ‘Rapid Survival System – Model W’

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Product Overview

The Rapid Survival System (RSS) is the most important breakthrough advancement for Professional Rescue in many years.

Developed with a group of SAR professionals, the RSS is designed to provide rapid and significant additional floatation and assistance for rescuers in potentially threatening situations.

As a backup floatation device for Rescue Professionals, the RSS has no equal.

The RSS is contained in a pouch the size of a throw bag, is worn on a Quick Release Belt and is tethered to a Quick Release chest harness. One Re-arming kit is included.

When activated the RSS quickly inflates into a large horseshoe shaped rescue float providing an additional 150 lb of much needed buoyancy for the rescuer.

The RSS has been developed by rescuers… for rescuers who may find themselves in

  • body entrapment
  • swimming big, fast, or highly aerated water
  • long deep swims

The Rapid Survival System is a must have for moving water Rescue Professionals for:

  • stabilization – shallow water foot entrapment
  • quicker emergence – deep, long swimming
  • reduced recycles – recirculating hydraulic features
  • easier breathing – higher body position
  • improved visibility – higher body position in big water
  • better sight lines – big and fast wave swims

Important: This product is not a Life Jacket or a Personal Floatation Device (PFD) and is not intended to replace one. The RSS is designed to provide increased floatation for the user beyond what is provided by a certified PFD. The RSS is intended for use by rescue professionals with the appropriate experience, training, and judgment in its use. Understand the strengths and limitations of this product before using it.

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