Fenix ALG-03 Headlamp Helmet Attachment

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Product Overview

Introducing Fenix’s newest headlamp mount. The Fenix ALG-03 Headlamp Attachment is made from durable nylon and is easy to assemble! Specifically designed for HM65R, HL55 and HL60R headlamps to be attached to outdoor or industrial work helmets. It enables easy and convenient attachment and detachment of headlamp to and from helmet, and also allows adjustment of the lighting angle of the headlamp. In addition, the adhesive pads use thickened blown-sponge, which help it conform to more helmets.

Pro Review

The Fenix ALG-03 Headlamp Helmet Attachment is designed for mounting select Fenix headlamps to a variety of helmets.  This is especially valuable if your helmet does not have designated headlamp clips (ex. swiftwater helmets).  ALG-03 offers you a simple and secure solution to attaching high quality lights to your helmet…because let’s face it, many search and rescue missions happen at night.


• Designed specifically for HL55 and HL60R headlamps (*** Also works with HM65R headlamp  **)

• Quick attachment and detachment of the headlamp
• Allows adjustment of the lighting angle
• Durable nylon
• Easy to assemble


• Length: 2.56 in./65mm
• Width: 3.5 in./89mm

What’s Included

• 1 – ALG-03 headlamp attachment
• 1 – 3M adhesive tape (white)
• 1 – TESA adhesive tape (blue)


NOTE: Ensure the helmet surface is properly cleaned prior to mounting (ie. free of debris and oil residue).  Also, you should allow the adhesive pads a full 72 hours before attaching a light.

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