Esprit ‘Streamline’ (NFPA)

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Product Overview

Built with a 48 pic sheath for superior handling. It’s named Streamline because it was taken from the traditional 16 pic static rope and streamlined it for superior performance. Streamline has a lighter sheath than Supplejacket and yet it is a stronger rope. Knots are easy to tie and set. Streamline has a higher working elongation which is more forgiving if the system is shock loaded.


Material: 100% nylon
Construction: Kernmantle
Melting Temperature: Dupont nylon 6.6, 260C
Sizes: 7/16″ and 1/2″
Colours: white, orange, blue, red, and yellow (with 2 color stripes)

Course Legend

Swiftwater Training

Ice Safety Rescue Training

Ice Training

Boat Rescue Safety Training

Boat Training

Rope Safety Rescue Training

Rope Training

Helicopter Training

Winter Training

First Aid Training

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