EezyCut Trilobite Line Cutter

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Product Overview

The unique cutting mechanism of the EEZYCUT TRILOBITE Line Cutter provides the cleanest, sharpest, most effortless cutting action available. Everyone experiences the “wow factor” the first time they use this ergonomically designed cutting tool, as it slices and dices its way through line and webbing.

The EEZYCUT TRILOBITE Line Cutter is rated to cut line with ease, repeatedly, up to 8mm thick, and can easily cut through larger line.  The TRILOBITE also makes light work of all types of webbing. With replacement blades, this cutting tool provides you with the best cut, every time.

At Rescue Canada, we have cut up to 16mm rescue rope with this knife. And, we have attached this knife to all of our rental Rescue PFDs!


The EEZYCUT TRILOBITE Line Cutter has two sides; therefore, building REDUNDANCY into it’s design.  The TRILOBITE‘s size and effectiveness fits in easily to any inventory of cutting tools.  In fact, carrying a secondary (backup) cutting tool is standard for many water rescue professionals – we think that the TRILOBITE meets that need very well.

Whether rescuing yourself, a teammate, or a victim, theTRILOBITE‘s custom ergonomic design provides a level of protection, while still delivering an easy, clean and efficient cut, making it the perfect emergency cutting tool.

Its ergonomically patented design uses a longer section of the cutting edge, prolonging the integrity of the blade by dispersing the erosion. As the line is pushed onto the blade by the frame of the tool, the cut is much more stable, which not only provides a much cleaner splice, but helps the blade retain it’s edge.

440a grade of stainless steel is used in the EEZYCUT TRILOBITE Line Cutter – this steel is known for its capacity to hold an extremely sharp edge, while having very good corrosive qualities. When the blade loses its edge or starts to corrode, you can easily put a new blade in, and yet again have the sharpest, cleanest cut in the water. Washing in fresh water after diving is recommended for all stainless steel knives and blades. All stainless steel which is used in salt water needs to be treated with care. Carefully coating any stainless steel blade in normal divers silicone grease prior to salt water usage significantly prolongs the life of the blade.

An included Harness Pouch is designed to slide onto any 2 to 2.5 inch wide webbing for a secure and comfortable fit. The Trilobite fits snug in the pouch. The harness pouch is made of 100% nylon webbing.  Your TRILOBITE can easily be mounted on your Rescue PFD.  One option is on the Quick Release Belt (one the buckle end).  Alternatively, zip ties can be used to mount this pretty much wherever you want!

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