Conterra ‘Rescuer’s Pouch’

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Product Overview

This is the perfect companion for the Technical Rescue Riggers Guide and the Scarab! This is a small pouch that has an open pocket where the Technical Rescue Rigger Guide slides into, and a zippered pocket where you can put your Scarab Rescue Tool and some cordage. A hook and loop flap goes over both pockets. There is hook and loop on the back so you can put it on your belt, and a loop at the top to hang it on a carabiner or hook.Red and black diamond nylon.

Dimensions: 4″ x 8″ x 2″

Made in USA.

Technical Rescue Riggers Guide and Scarab Rescue Tool sold separately.

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Swiftwater Training

Ice Safety Rescue Training

Ice Training

Boat Rescue Safety Training

Boat Training

Rope Safety Rescue Training

Rope Training

Helicopter Training

Winter Training

First Aid Training

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