Cascade ‘Litter Flotation System’

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Product Overview

Designed to fit all Cascade Professional and Advanced Series Litters with Daisy Chain. The system is self-righting, maintaining the litter in a head-high horizontal position for the ease of loading. Capable of floating the litter, patient, and at least one rescuer. Easily attached and removed for storage.  This Flotation System is ideal for ocean, lake, and swiftwater rescue. Will also fit most tube frame litters of other manufacturers.


System weight: 4.9lbs (2.2kg)

Dimensions: The foam is 6” (15.25cm) in diameter.  The long sections of the foam are 63” (160cm) and the head section is 12” (30.5cm).

Bouyancy: The system is designed to float a litter and patient in a slightly “head up” orientation.  It will also partially float an attendant positioned to the side or end of the litter.  Depending upon the distribution of the weight it will adequately float up to 400lbs (180kg)

Construction: The external cover of the system is 600 deniers waterproof nylon pack cloth.  The internal foam is 1.2 pound density closed cell polyethylene foam.  It will not absorb water.  The strap segments are 1” heavy-duty polypropylene webbing with Velcro.

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