Camp Safety ‘Gyro Swivelling Anchor’

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Product Overview

A compact and extremely versatile rigging system featuring our proprietary triple swivel design.
The Gyro swivel rotates at all three connection points which allow for countless possibilities of connection between different elements that need freedom of movement.

Just a few possibilities include self-orienting multi-anchoring, multiple connections to a harness, preventing twisting in Y lanyards, cross-hauling operations, Tyrolean traverses, complex rescue procedures.


The innovative design also prevents the accumulation of dirt and makes inspection easy. The main structure is carbon steel with a double corrosion preventive coating. Swivel balls and attachment points are stainless steel.

Includes three removable silicon anti-rotation inserts.

Weight: 155 g / 5.5 oz
Strength: 26kN
Working load Max: 300 kg
Working load limit: 3 kN.
Minimum breaking strength: 26 kN.

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