Rescue Canada Continuing Partnership with Chinese Service Provider


江苏新洛普培训服务有限公司 – Jangsu Newroper Technology Development Co. LTD

Rescue Canada is proud to continue our work with NewRoper in China!  NewRoper is China’s leading authority in boating, moving water, ice, rope rescue and safety training courses.

China has a tremendous need for competent and qualified first responders and NewRoper is leading the charge.

New Roper has had a very busy and exciting year, training over 200 students in Swiftwater Rescue and Boat Rescue

Here is a list of the Students from China that have gone through the course this past year:

黄爽  Huang ShuangSWIFT WATER RESCUE TECHNICIAN L22023-0410-0414
陈邦坤  Chen Bang KunSWIFT WATER RESCUE TECHNICIAN L22023-0410-0414
罗宗录  Luo Zong LuSWIFT WATER RESCUE TECHNICIAN L22023-0410-0414
崔芦苼  Cui Lu ShengSWIFT WATER RESCUE TECHNICIAN L22023-0410-0414
郭延庭  Guo Yan TingSWIFT WATER RESCUE TECHNICIAN L22023-0410-0414
岑怀忠  Cen Huai ZhongSWIFT WATER RESCUE TECHNICIAN L22023-0410-0414
刘旭凯  Liu Xu KaiSWIFT WATER RESCUE TECHNICIAN L22023-0410-0414
韦达强  Wei Da QiangSWIFT WATER RESCUE TECHNICIAN L22023-0410-0414
程昌杰  Cheng Chang JieSWIFT WATER RESCUE TECHNICIAN L22023-0410-0414
杜建立  Du Jian LiSWIFT WATER RESCUE TECHNICIAN L22023-0410-0414
阮品丰  Ruan Pin FengSWIFT WATER RESCUE TECHNICIAN L22023-0410-0414
王绍朋  Wang Shao PengSWIFT WATER RESCUE TECHNICIAN L22023-0410-0414
黄宝玉  Huang Bao YuSWIFT WATER RESCUE TECHNICIAN L22023-0410-0414
李资昂  Li Zi AngSWIFT WATER RESCUE TECHNICIAN L22023-0410-0414
陆陈钤  Lu Chen QianSWIFT WATER RESCUE TECHNICIAN L22023-0410-0414
麻绍略  Ma Shao LueSWIFT WATER RESCUE TECHNICIAN L22023-0410-0414
农文超  Nong Wen ChaoSWIFT WATER RESCUE TECHNICIAN L22023-0410-0414
黄兴伦  Huang Xing LunSWIFT WATER RESCUE TECHNICIAN L22023-0410-0414
石尚宝  Shi Shang BaoSWIFT WATER RESCUE TECHNICIAN L22023-0410-0414
何永良  He Yong LiangSWIFT WATER RESCUE TECHNICIAN L22023-0410-0414
陆  柏  Lu BaiRESCUE BOAT SAFETY TECHNICIAN L22023-0410-0414
黄扬康  Huang Yang KangRESCUE BOAT SAFETY TECHNICIAN L22023-0410-0414
周鸿凌  Zhou Hong LingRESCUE BOAT SAFETY TECHNICIAN L22023-0410-0414
覃建  Qin JianRESCUE BOAT SAFETY TECHNICIAN L22023-0410-0414
农拥军  Nong Yong JunRESCUE BOAT SAFETY TECHNICIAN L22023-0410-0414
邓广正  Deng Guang ZhengRESCUE BOAT SAFETY TECHNICIAN L22023-0410-0414
覃 收  Qin ShouRESCUE BOAT SAFETY TECHNICIAN L22023-0410-0414
王难山  Wang Nan ShanRESCUE BOAT SAFETY TECHNICIAN L22023-0410-0414
韦福龙  Wei Fu LongRESCUE BOAT SAFETY TECHNICIAN L22023-0410-0414
曾金雄  Zeng Jin XiongRESCUE BOAT SAFETY TECHNICIAN L22023-0410-0414
李其龙  Li Qi LongRESCUE BOAT SAFETY TECHNICIAN L22023-0410-0414
黄学承  Huang Xue ChengRESCUE BOAT SAFETY TECHNICIAN L22023-0410-0414
黄元福  Huang Yuan FuRESCUE BOAT SAFETY TECHNICIAN L22023-0410-0414
黄知开  Huang Zhi KaiRESCUE BOAT SAFETY TECHNICIAN L22023-0410-0414
潘建荣  Pan Jian RongRESCUE BOAT SAFETY TECHNICIAN L22023-0410-0414
吴双钻  Wu Shuang ZuanRESCUE BOAT SAFETY TECHNICIAN L22023-0410-0414
黄大福  Huang Da FuRESCUE BOAT SAFETY TECHNICIAN L22023-0410-0414
黄有文  Huang You WenRESCUE BOAT SAFETY TECHNICIAN L22023-0410-0414
黄进恩  Huang Jin EnRESCUE BOAT SAFETY TECHNICIAN L22023-0410-0414
莫鸿飞  Mo Hong FeiRESCUE BOAT SAFETY TECHNICIAN L22023-0410-0414
吴寒宇   Wu Han YuSWIFT WATER RESCUE TECHNICIAN L22023-0517-0521
韦含量   Wei Han LiangSWIFT WATER RESCUE TECHNICIAN L22023-0517-0521
莫玉皇Mo Yu HuangSWIFT WATER RESCUE TECHNICIAN L22023-0517-0521
黎斯仁   Li Si RenSWIFT WATER RESCUE TECHNICIAN L22023-0517-0521
韦增福   Wei Zeng FuSWIFT WATER RESCUE TECHNICIAN L22023-0517-0521
廖辉昆   Liao Hui KunSWIFT WATER RESCUE TECHNICIAN L22023-0517-0521
韦桥木 Wei Qiao MuSWIFT WATER RESCUE TECHNICIAN L22023-0517-0521
李祥雷 Li Xiang LeiSWIFT WATER RESCUE TECHNICIAN L22023-0517-0521
滕孝旺 Teng Xiao WangSWIFT WATER RESCUE TECHNICIAN L22023-0517-0521
韦祥恩  Wei Xiang EnSWIFT WATER RESCUE TECHNICIAN L22023-0517-0521
梁彩法 Liang Cai FaSWIFT WATER RESCUE TECHNICIAN L22023-0517-0521
潘覃波  Pan Qin BoSWIFT WATER RESCUE TECHNICIAN L22023-0517-0521
韦成志 Wei Cheng ZhiSWIFT WATER RESCUE TECHNICIAN L22023-0517-0521
谢绍雕 Xie Shao DiaoSWIFT WATER RESCUE TECHNICIAN L22023-0517-0521
晏大鑫  Yan Da XinSWIFT WATER RESCUE TECHNICIAN L22023-0517-0521
卢宝腾  Lu Bao TengSWIFT WATER RESCUE TECHNICIAN L22023-0517-0521
韦明安  Wei Ming AnSWIFT WATER RESCUE TECHNICIAN L22023-0517-0521
黄忠恒  Huang ZhongSWIFT WATER RESCUE TECHNICIAN L22023-0517-0521
韦庆恒  Wei Qing HengSWIFT WATER RESCUE TECHNICIAN L22023-0517-0521
杨勇  Yang Yong NewSWIFT WATER RESCUE TECHNICIAN L22023-0517-0521
韦忠错  Wei Zhong KaiSWIFT WATER RESCUE TECHNICIAN L22023-0517-0521
罗家俊  Luo Jia JunRESCUE BOAT SAFETY TECHNICIAN L22023-0522-0526
廖启航  Liao Qi HangRESCUE BOAT SAFETY TECHNICIAN L22023-0522-0526
罗宇谦  Luo Yu QianRESCUE BOAT SAFETY TECHNICIAN L22023-0522-0526
梁嘉文  Liang Jia WenRESCUE BOAT SAFETY TECHNICIAN L22023-0522-0526
陆  俊  Lu JunRESCUE BOAT SAFETY TECHNICIAN L22023-0522-0526
吴贤意  Wu Xian YiRESCUE BOAT SAFETY TECHNICIAN L22023-0522-0526
江正乾  Jiang Zheng QianRESCUE BOAT SAFETY TECHNICIAN L22023-0522-0526
韦道壮  Wei Dao ZhuangRESCUE BOAT SAFETY TECHNICIAN L22023-0522-0526
牙韩合  Ya Han HeRESCUE BOAT SAFETY TECHNICIAN L22023-0522-0526
韦建斯    Wei Jian SiRESCUE BOAT SAFETY TECHNICIAN L22023-0522-0526
罗永福    Luo Yong FuRESCUE BOAT SAFETY TECHNICIAN L22023-0522-0526
罗昌旭    Luo Chang XuRESCUE BOAT SAFETY TECHNICIAN L22023-0522-0526
覃兴富    Qin Xing FuRESCUE BOAT SAFETY TECHNICIAN L22023-0522-0526
吴万国    Wu Wan GuoRESCUE BOAT SAFETY TECHNICIAN L22023-0522-0526
刘  泊    Liu BoRESCUE BOAT SAFETY TECHNICIAN L22023-0522-0526
沈  甲    Shen JiaRESCUE BOAT SAFETY TECHNICIAN L22023-0522-0526
向全国    Xiang Quan GuoRESCUE BOAT SAFETY TECHNICIAN L22023-0522-0526
陆寿德    Lu Shou DeRESCUE BOAT SAFETY TECHNICIAN L22023-0522-0526
易永兴    Yi Yong XingRESCUE BOAT SAFETY TECHNICIAN L22023-0522-0526
王  宁    Wang NingRESCUE BOAT SAFETY TECHNICIAN L22023-0522-0526
韦培栋    Wei Pei DongRESCUE BOAT SAFETY TECHNICIAN L22023-0522-0526
韦洪潮    Wei Hong ChaoRESCUE BOAT SAFETY TECHNICIAN L22023-0522-0526
陆坚森    Lu Jian SenRESCUE BOAT SAFETY TECHNICIAN L22023-0522-0526
马志军    Ma Zhi JunRESCUE BOAT SAFETY TECHNICIAN L22023-0522-0526
纪泽鑫    Ji Ze XinRESCUE BOAT SAFETY TECHNICIAN L22023-0522-0526
韦  趣    Wei QuRESCUE BOAT SAFETY TECHNICIAN L22023-0522-0526
黄  英    Huang YingRESCUE BOAT SAFETY TECHNICIAN L22023-0522-0526
郭朋辉  Gup Peng HuiSWIFT WATER RESCUE TECHNICIAN L22023-0921-0927
艾寒涛  Ai Han TaoSWIFT WATER RESCUE TECHNICIAN L22023-0921-0927
林雨峰  Lin Yu FengSWIFT WATER RESCUE TECHNICIAN L22023-0921-0927
徐建德  Xu Jian DeSWIFT WATER RESCUE TECHNICIAN L22023-0921-0927
李昊琦  Li Hao QiSWIFT WATER RESCUE TECHNICIAN L22023-0921-0927
王文博  Wang Wen BoSWIFT WATER RESCUE TECHNICIAN L22023-0921-0927
赵建盛  Zhao Jian ShengSWIFT WATER RESCUE TECHNICIAN L22023-0921-0927
李骄阳  Li Jiao YangSWIFT WATER RESCUE TECHNICIAN L22023-0921-0927
李鑫磊  Li Xin LeiSWIFT WATER RESCUE TECHNICIAN L22023-0921-0927
戎志岗  Rong Zhi GangSWIFT WATER RESCUE TECHNICIAN L22023-0921-0927
汤亮  Tang LiangSWIFT WATER RESCUE TECHNICIAN L22023-0921-0927
郑泽龙  Zheng Ze LongSWIFT WATER RESCUE TECHNICIAN L22023-0921-0927
王忠凯  Wang Zhong KaiSWIFT WATER RESCUE TECHNICIAN L22023-0921-0927
唐浩淦  Tang Hao GanSWIFT WATER RESCUE TECHNICIAN L22023-0921-0927
孔宇鹏  Kong Yu PengSWIFT WATER RESCUE TECHNICIAN L22023-0921-0927
王跃衡  Wang Yue HengSWIFT WATER RESCUE TECHNICIAN L22023-0921-0927
张岩  Zhang YanSWIFT WATER RESCUE TECHNICIAN L22023-0921-0927
刘彦桥  Liu Yan QiaoSWIFT WATER RESCUE TECHNICIAN L22023-0921-0927
才正昆  Cai Zheng KunSWIFT WATER RESCUE TECHNICIAN L22023-0921-0927
佟朝阳  Tong Zhao YangSWIFT WATER RESCUE TECHNICIAN L22023-0921-0927
张阳  Zhang YangSWIFT WATER RESCUE TECHNICIAN L22023-0921-0927
兰靖宇  Lan Jing YuSWIFT WATER RESCUE TECHNICIAN L22023-0921-0927
石帅  Shi ShuaiSWIFT WATER RESCUE TECHNICIAN L22023-0921-0927
王家强  Wang Jia QiangSWIFT WATER RESCUE TECHNICIAN L22023-0921-0927
刘晟  Liu ShengSWIFT WATER RESCUE TECHNICIAN L22023-0921-0927
陈凤辉  Chen Feng HuiSWIFT WATER RESCUE TECHNICIAN L22023-1026-1030
唐瑞杰  Tang Rui JieSWIFT WATER RESCUE TECHNICIAN L22023-1026-1030
李广料  Li Guang LiaoSWIFT WATER RESCUE TECHNICIAN L22023-1026-1030
覃  涛  Qin TaoSWIFT WATER RESCUE TECHNICIAN L22023-1026-1030
黄  友  Huang YouSWIFT WATER RESCUE TECHNICIAN L22023-1026-1030
张秀豪  Zhang Xiu HaoSWIFT WATER RESCUE TECHNICIAN L22023-1026-1030
王金樑  Wang Jin LiangSWIFT WATER RESCUE TECHNICIAN L22023-1026-1030
刘天骏  Liu  Tian JunSWIFT WATER RESCUE TECHNICIAN L22023-1026-1030
唐佳祺  Tang Jia QiSWIFT WATER RESCUE TECHNICIAN L22023-1026-1030
陈广艺  Chen Guang YiSWIFT WATER RESCUE TECHNICIAN L22023-1026-1030
闭周演  Bi Zhou YanSWIFT WATER RESCUE TECHNICIAN L22023-1026-1030
刘幸宁   Liu Xing NingSWIFT WATER RESCUE TECHNICIAN L22023-1026-1030
吴金锋  Wu Jin FengSWIFT WATER RESCUE TECHNICIAN L22023-1026-1030
郭守科   Guo Shou KeSWIFT WATER RESCUE TECHNICIAN L22023-1026-1030
陈  勇   Chen YongSWIFT WATER RESCUE TECHNICIAN L22023-1026-1030
韦杰生   Wei Jie ShengSWIFT WATER RESCUE TECHNICIAN L22023-1026-1030
冀铭龙  Ji Ming LongSWIFT WATER RESCUE TECHNICIAN L22023-1026-1030
蒋   轩   Jiang XuanSWIFT WATER RESCUE TECHNICIAN L22023-1026-1030
黎依林   Li Yi LinSWIFT WATER RESCUE TECHNICIAN L22023-1026-1030
李唐毅  Li Tang YiRESCUE BOAT SAFETY TECHNICIAN L22023-1026-1030
农明群  Nong Ming QunRESCUE BOAT SAFETY TECHNICIAN L22023-1026-1030
唐  晟  Tang ShengRESCUE BOAT SAFETY TECHNICIAN L22023-1026-1030
赖  彪  Lai BiaoRESCUE BOAT SAFETY TECHNICIAN L22023-1026-1030
农本豪  Nong Ben HaoRESCUE BOAT SAFETY TECHNICIAN L22023-1026-1030
唐佳源  Tang Jia YuanRESCUE BOAT SAFETY TECHNICIAN L22023-1026-1030
陈治良  Chen Zhi LiangRESCUE BOAT SAFETY TECHNICIAN L22023-1026-1030
周钜沅  Zhou Ju YuanRESCUE BOAT SAFETY TECHNICIAN L22023-1026-1030
范贤帅  Fan Xian ShuaiRESCUE BOAT SAFETY TECHNICIAN L22023-1026-1030
黄景杨  Huang Jing YangRESCUE BOAT SAFETY TECHNICIAN L22023-1026-1030
钟德师  Zhong De ShiRESCUE BOAT SAFETY TECHNICIAN L22023-1026-1030
王明杰   Wang Ming JieSWIFT WATER RESCUE TECHNICIAN L22023-1114-1119
韦明壮   Wei Ming ZhuangSWIFT WATER RESCUE TECHNICIAN L22023-1114-1119
卢梦华   Lu Meng HuaSWIFT WATER RESCUE TECHNICIAN L22023-1114-1119
卓雁   Zhuo YanSWIFT WATER RESCUE TECHNICIAN L22023-1114-1119
刘嘉鹏   Liu Jia PengSWIFT WATER RESCUE TECHNICIAN L22023-1114-1119
唐苛舰   Tang Ke JianSWIFT WATER RESCUE TECHNICIAN L22023-1114-1119
韦林超   Wei Lin ChaoSWIFT WATER RESCUE TECHNICIAN L22023-1114-1119
陆淙源   Lu Cong YuanSWIFT WATER RESCUE TECHNICIAN L22023-1114-1119
杨泽   Yang ZeSWIFT WATER RESCUE TECHNICIAN L22023-1114-1119
孙逸文   Sun Yi WenSWIFT WATER RESCUE TECHNICIAN L22023-1114-1119
覃光华   Qin Guang HuaSWIFT WATER RESCUE TECHNICIAN L22023-1114-1119
陶泽杰   Tao Ze JieSWIFT WATER RESCUE TECHNICIAN L22023-1114-1119
陈奕镇   Chen Yi ZhenSWIFT WATER RESCUE TECHNICIAN L22023-1114-1119
付佳溱   Fu Jia QinSWIFT WATER RESCUE TECHNICIAN L22023-1114-1119
覃德福   Qin De FuSWIFT WATER RESCUE TECHNICIAN L22023-1114-1119
郭津佑   Guo Jin YouSWIFT WATER RESCUE TECHNICIAN L22023-1114-1119
付如兵   Fu Ru BingSWIFT WATER RESCUE TECHNICIAN L22023-1114-1119
韦豪   Wei HaoSWIFT WATER RESCUE TECHNICIAN L22023-1114-1119
莫东润   Mo Dong RunSWIFT WATER RESCUE TECHNICIAN L22023-1114-1119
宋贺一   Song He YiSWIFT WATER RESCUE TECHNICIAN L22023-1114-1119
韦熊杰   Wei Xiong JieSWIFT WATER RESCUE TECHNICIAN L22023-1114-1119
杜学海   Du Xue HaiSWIFT WATER RESCUE TECHNICIAN L22023-1114-1119
林秋百   Lin Qiu BaiSWIFT WATER RESCUE TECHNICIAN L22023-1114-1119
劳俊珲   Lao Jun HuiSWIFT WATER RESCUE TECHNICIAN L22023-1114-1119
杨康成   Yang Kang ChengSWIFT WATER RESCUE TECHNICIAN L22023-1114-1119
罗军福   Luo Jun FuSWIFT WATER RESCUE TECHNICIAN L22023-1114-1119
叶振海   Ye Zhen HaiSWIFT WATER RESCUE TECHNICIAN L22023-1114-1119
张文超  Zhang Wen ChaoRESCUE BOAT SAFETY TECHNICIAN L22023-1120-1125
李文甲  Li Wen JiaRESCUE BOAT SAFETY TECHNICIAN L22023-1120-1125
韦  东  Wei DongRESCUE BOAT SAFETY TECHNICIAN L22023-1120-1125
何建料  He Jian LiaoRESCUE BOAT SAFETY TECHNICIAN L22023-1120-1125
覃蒙蒙  Qin Meng MengRESCUE BOAT SAFETY TECHNICIAN L22023-1120-1125
韦国帆  Wei Guo FanRESCUE BOAT SAFETY TECHNICIAN L22023-1120-1125
陶泽杰  Tao Ze JieRESCUE BOAT SAFETY TECHNICIAN L22023-1120-1125
刘  昱  Liu YuRESCUE BOAT SAFETY TECHNICIAN L22023-1120-1125
卓晓麟  Zhuo Xiao LinRESCUE BOAT SAFETY TECHNICIAN L22023-1120-1125
李钊民  Li Zhao MinRESCUE BOAT SAFETY TECHNICIAN L22023-1120-1125
韦恒宗  Wei Heng ZongRESCUE BOAT SAFETY TECHNICIAN L22023-1120-1125
覃宏彪  Qin Hong BiaoRESCUE BOAT SAFETY TECHNICIAN L22023-1120-1125
左锦振  Zuo Jin ZhenRESCUE BOAT SAFETY TECHNICIAN L22023-1120-1125
韦昭全  Wei Zhao QuanRESCUE BOAT SAFETY TECHNICIAN L22023-1120-1125
陈寿海  Chen Shou HaiRESCUE BOAT SAFETY TECHNICIAN L22023-1120-1125
黄  校  Huang XiaoRESCUE BOAT SAFETY TECHNICIAN L22023-1120-1125
韦忠盛  Wei Zhong ShengRESCUE BOAT SAFETY TECHNICIAN L22023-1120-1125
李家爱  Li Jia AiRESCUE BOAT SAFETY TECHNICIAN L22023-1120-1125
谭海亮  Tan Hai LiangRESCUE BOAT SAFETY TECHNICIAN L22023-1120-1125
蓝众耀  Lan Zhong YaoRESCUE BOAT SAFETY TECHNICIAN L22023-1120-1125
李海正 Li Hai ZhengRESCUE BOAT SAFETY TECHNICIAN L22023-1120-1125
韦  勋  Wei XunRESCUE BOAT SAFETY TECHNICIAN L22023-1120-1125
雷禄兴  Lei Lu XingRESCUE BOAT SAFETY TECHNICIAN L22023-1120-1125
曾令民  Zeng Ling MinRESCUE BOAT SAFETY TECHNICIAN L22023-1120-1125
黎国翔  Li Guo XiangRESCUE BOAT SAFETY TECHNICIAN L22023-1120-1125
周恒  Zhou HengICE RESCUE TECHNICIAN L2 2023-1218-1224
刘夕阳  Liu Xi YangICE RESCUE TECHNICIAN L2 2023-1218-1224
史晓帅  Shi Xiao ShuaiICE RESCUE TECHNICIAN L2 2023-1218-1224
徐柏健  Xu Bai JianICE RESCUE TECHNICIAN L2 2023-1218-1224
文佳豪  Wen Jia HaoICE RESCUE TECHNICIAN L2 2023-1218-1224
左玲丰  Zuo Ling FengICE RESCUE TECHNICIAN L2 2023-1218-1224
刘晟  Liu ShengICE RESCUE TECHNICIAN L2 2023-1218-1224
王恺锋  Wang Kai FengICE RESCUE TECHNICIAN L2 2023-1218-1224
唐浩淦  Tang Hao GanICE RESCUE TECHNICIAN L2 2023-1218-1224
董尚智  Dong shangzhiICE RESCUE TECHNICIAN L2 2023-1218-1224
李新宇  Li Xin YuICE RESCUE TECHNICIAN L2 2023-1218-1224
王振  Wang ZhenICE RESCUE TECHNICIAN L2 2023-1218-1224
冯乐  Feng LeICE RESCUE TECHNICIAN L2 2023-1218-1224
张大雨  Zhang Da YuICE RESCUE TECHNICIAN L2 2023-1218-1224
刘思岐  Liu Si QiICE RESCUE TECHNICIAN L2 2023-1218-1224
郭朋辉  Guo Peng HuiICE RESCUE TECHNICIAN L2 2023-1218-1224
艾寒涛  Ai Han TaoICE RESCUE TECHNICIAN L2 2023-1218-1224
孙朗  Sun LangICE RESCUE TECHNICIAN L2 2023-1218-1224
邢杨  Xing YangICE RESCUE TECHNICIAN L2 2023-1218-1224
李俊  Li JunICE RESCUE TECHNICIAN L2 2023-1218-1224
朱可心  Zhu Ke XinICE RESCUE TECHNICIAN L2 2023-1218-1224
张显明  Zhang Xian MingICE RESCUE TECHNICIAN L2 2023-1218-1224
邓宝军  Deng Bao JunICE RESCUE TECHNICIAN L2 2023-1218-1224
戎志岗  Rong Zhi GangICE RESCUE TECHNICIAN L2 2023-1218-1224
汤亮  Tang LiangICE RESCUE TECHNICIAN L2 2023-1218-1224
郭子垚  Guo Zi YaoICE RESCUE TECHNICIAN L2 2023-1218-1224
王跃衡  Wang Yue HengICE RESCUE TECHNICIAN L2 2023-1218-1224
熊建林  Xiong Jian LinICE RESCUE TECHNICIAN L2 2023-1218-1224
才正昆  Cai Zheng KunICE RESCUE TECHNICIAN L2 2023-1218-1224
刘春阳  Liu Chun YangICE RESCUE TECHNICIAN L2 2023-1218-1224
王宇 – Wang Yu Instructor Level Two 2023-1207-1210
张雨加 – Zhang Yu Jia Instructor Level Two 2023-1207-1210
王鹏 – Wang Peng Instructor Level Two 2023-1207-1210
王孟晨 – Wang Meng Chen Instructor Level Two 2023-1207-1210
华渊 – Hua Yuan Instructor Level Two 2023-1207-1210
王建平 – Wang Jian Ping Instructor Level Two 2023-1207-1210
胡世林 Hu Shi LinADJUNCT INSTRUCTOR2023-0923-0926
蒋中卫 Jiang Zhong WeiADJUNCT INSTRUCTOR2023-0222-0225
袁春晓 Yuan Chun XiaoInstructor Technician Power Boat2023-1207-1210
袁春晓 Yuan Chun XiaoInstructor Technician Moving Water2023-1207-1210
袁春晓 Yuan Chun XiaoBSRT2 &  SSRT2: EMERGENCY RESPONSE2023-1207-1210
袁春晓 Yuan Chun XiaoInstructor Level Three2023-1207-1210



Jiangsu Newroper Technology Development Co. Ltd.

89 Xingchuang 4th Road, Xinwu District, Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province


Jangsu Newroper Technology Development Co. LTD
1104-Building 4 Xingzhou Science and Technology business park,
Xinwu District, Wuxi Jiangsu Province China

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