May the Force Be With You!

And hopefully its a 6!

Yes, heroes do wear Force6 Lifejackets, we have the evidence!  Did you know that Rescue Canada’s own Jim Lavalley is the creator of this amazing product line?

Yes, and who better to design the worlds greatest Personal Flotation Device (PFD) other than a living legend who has more water hours than most humans on Earth!  Jim takes safety seriously, and Force 6 aims to be the best lifejacket any responder can ask for.

When buoyancy means the difference between life and death, a lifejacket is not an item any professional can cut corners with. This is a serious business that demands serious personal protective equipment (PPE).

Your life depends on it and so do the survivors you are serving.

Everyone in our business knows you are as good as your knowledge and the equipment you employ backs it up. Your reputation needs the best products for the risks you engage when the call comes.

We can help you at Rescue Canada with our friendly and knowledgeable staff.

Check out the Force6 product line here:

Posted: April 14, 2021

Author: Shawn A.

About the Company: Rescue Canada Resource Group Inc. is an international legacy company founded by Mr. Jim Lavalley. Jim is an international water safety and rescue society industry leader. He represented Canada in the Olympics under the Bobsled team competition. He co-founded moving water training that is now celebrating around the world by military, fire rescue, lifesaving, rafting, and companies.

Our clients are interested in professional skills for competency and qualification to better serve those in need who depend upon qualified and competent responders. Rescue Canada is an industry leader in Moving Water, Ice Safety, Human Propelled Boats, Power Boats, Helicopter Crew Safety and Rope Access.

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